Accelerated Action System

Opening Doors 2 Feet Per Second!

Rolling Steel/Sectional Doors

Porvene and Micanan have developed both roll-up and sectional door systems for fire stations and in commercial buildings where rapid door opening is a necessity. The Accelerated Action System will raise a 14 foot high rolling steel or sectional door in just 7 seconds. Twice as fast as a conventional door system.

The Accelerated Action System easily integrates with standard firehouse control systems’ requirements as well as standard commercial systems.

The real beauty of the Accelerated Action System is that it can be installed by any competent licensed door technician and can be retro-fitted to existing firehouses, or standard commercial applications, which means no costly reconstruction or alteration of the existing door opening. The Accelerated Action System will provide considerable cost savings compared to the cost of a four fold high-speed system.

The Accelerated Action Door System from PORVENE and Micanan is truly a revolution in sectional and roll-up door systems.

Model 124 Sectional Door

Available on all standard lift models:
Standard 24 gauge single layer Model 124
Standard 24 gauge insulated vinyl back Model 124VB
Standard 24 gauge insulated steel back Model 124SB
All doors open at 2 feet per second

Model 422 Rolling Steel Door

Available on rolling steel and grille models:
Model 422 curved or flat high cycle model
Model 420 curved or flat high cycle model
Model 622/24 insulated high cycle model
Model 500 Rolling Grille high cycle model
All doors open at 2 feet per second

Micanan VFD Variable Frequency Drive Operator

This variable frequency drive operator is designed with a soft start and soft stop that eliminates the jerking of standard operators. This helps to attain longer service life of the door. Micanan operators are well known for their superior engineering on high cycle operators. This system is designed for doors that need to be opened at a rapid pace for emergency vehicles such as fire stations, commercial buildings for climate control, food industry, and when it is an important issue that demands a rapid entrance for fork lifts. The Model 500 rolling grille is a natural for parking garages where fast openings are desired.